This website http://www.kalomiris.gr (hereinafter abbreviated as “Website”) belongs to the Manolis Kalomiris Society (Administrator) and its use is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. The use of the electronic pages and services of the Website raises the presumption that visitors/users have read, understood and unreservedly accepted all terms of use, applicable to all content, texts, graphics, images, pictures, audiovisual or only audio material, as well as archives contained therein. In case visitors/users do not agree with any part of these terms, they must not further use the services and contents of this Website.

These terms of use may be revised and updated at any time without prior notice. You are requested to periodically check on the terms of use of the Website, since its continuous use implies that you accept these changes.


1.- Intellectual Property Rights 

The entire contents of the Website –except from the explicitly specified exceptions (third parties’, associates’ and institutions’ intellectual property rights) and those that clearly belong to third parties (third parties intellectual rights)– that -without limitation- include texts, images, pictures, drawings, software applications and services rendered, as well as logos, names, trademarks and features that belong to the Administrator and/or to individuals referred to as owners of the corresponding rights, audiovisual or only audio material, archives, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) constitute the intellectual property of the Administrator or the owners of the rights (mentioned in the Website) which is protected by the provisions of Law 2121/1993 “on the protection of intellectual property and related rights”, as amended/supplemented and currently in force, the existing European legislation on intellectual property and the relevant international treaties on the protection of those rights, where Greece participates in.

It should be noted that in accordance with the provisions of L. 2121/1993 and the International Treaty of Verne, which was ratified by L. 100/1975, any act of storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution, modifications, or use of part or the entire project for public or commercial purposes or for any other use that does not fall under the 2nd term “Terms of Use” is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the author or the owner of the right.   

It is also strictly prohibited to use the trademarks, distinctive titles and logos without the prior written consent of the Administrator, as well as the use of trademarks of associated institutions that appear in the Website without their permission.


2.- License Agreement

The content of this Website is available to its visitors/users for personal use. The contents are subject to change without notice at the Administrator’s discretion. Upon acceptance of the terms of use and subject to paragraphs 2-12 of Article 18 of L. 2121/1993, as amended and in force, the private (non-public or commercial) use of the Website’s contents to obtain personal information, as well as the use for educational or research purposes, is allowed. The storage or reproduction of individual pages or data contained in the Website is allowed only if done for the private use of the individual who is doing it -for educational or research purposes- and under the strict condition that the Website (http://www.kalomiris.gr) is mentioned as their source and that the names of the creators are displayed (should they appear on the website), without compromising in any way the relevant intellectual property rights.

Any other use requires the explicit written permission of the owner or the owner of the intellectual rights and the display of the names of the creators (should they appear on the website). Nevertheless, users must be informed that some archives or data might constitute third parties’ intellectual property (associated institutions, organizations, companies, etc.) and cannot be used without the permission of those third parties that might be displayed in the Website.


3.- User/visitor liability

The visitor/user of the Website and/or the services listed herein assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the Administrator and/or to any third party by bad or improper use.


4.- Links – Limitation of liability

Any connections between the Website and other websites created by third parties through links are provided for practical purposes and for the provision of useful information to visitors/users.  


5.- Personal Data

Access to the Website is allowed without the obligation to disclose personal data. Personal data entered by visitors/users of the Website in order to send electronic messages in the Section “Communication”, which are automatically recognized by the web server, such as the IP address, their domain name, etc., are not in any way related to the personal data of our visitors/users, are automatically collected, kept on file and used exclusively and only to better serve and inform them and should by no means be reproduced or distributed to third parties.  


6.- Newsletters

The registration of visitors/users in the Newsletters mailing list requires the provision of their email. The Administrator may only keep a record of the email addresses of the recipients exclusively for the purpose of sending informational emails, in addition to Newsletters, unless the recipient does not want that.  

Any recipient may be removed from the email list, by following the link provided at the bottom of the Newsletter and more specifically where it says “No longer wish to receive this newsletter? Click here”, where the word “here” is underlined and colored in blue, to indicate that it is a hyperlink.  


7.- Amendment

The Manolis Kalomiris Society reserves the right to amend its Website, add, supplement and/or remove any detail, upgrade or correct the information contained in it, or proceed to its improvement by implementing new or other techniques, etc.  


8.- Applicable law and other terms 

The aforementioned terms and conditions of use of this Website, as well as any amendment or change, are governed by national law, EU law and the relevant international treaties. Any provision of the aforementioned terms, found to be contradictive to the legal framework described above or deemed as unenforceable, automatically ceases to have effect and shall be removed without compromising the validity of the other terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between the Administrator of the Website and the visitor/user of its pages and services and binds nobody but them. No modification shall be taken under consideration and shall not constitute part of this agreement if is not expressed in writing and incorporated in it.

It is hereby expressly agreed that any disputes that might arise from the implementation of these terms and the general use of the Website by visitors/users –if not resolved amicably- are governed by the Greek law and are under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.  

For any communication with the Administrator of the Website, you are kindly requested to send an email. Moreover, if you happen to stumble upon any problems in the contents of the Website concerning any legal or other issues, and more specifically its reproduction and the use of intellectual property rights, you are kindly requested to notify us.              


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